Kindrogan Trip - What do you need?

The Kindrogan field excursion allows you to collect enough data to produce your AVU for 
National 4, 5 or 6 level. Almost all the analysis will be done during your stay at Kindrogan. This means less time will be spent during the rest of the term producing this essential unit of work. 
All meals except for your lunch on day 1 are provided. There is a very small shop which is only open in the morning so you won't need a lot of spending money.
You will also be able to take part in challenging 'reward' activities which help to build confidence and encourage group work. How brave are you? How brave will you need to be? You will come back stronger & braver (but with soggy socks). Do it. Do it...and enjoy!
The excursion is 3 days and 2 night so you will need plenty of changes of clothes...and don't forget your PJs and a towel!

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