Sicily 2016

Our 2016 visit visit to the Italian island of Sicily took in a wide range of activities. Each of the 4 days  had a different study theme. Our Italian tour guide helped us understand the landscape and culture with her local background information. There was also time to chill out and pupils explored our local coastal town of Letojanni. The local ice cream shops proved very popular and the supermarket saw a rise in profits!

Our Mount Etna volcano adventure

what on earth is he doing?


Chilling on our local beach

the town square

our hotel

On the boat heading for Vulcano Island

The view from almost the top!

it's a fumarole - a vent for stinky smells!
back at sea level on Vulcano Island

Etnaland Water park

We went out for a 'Vulcano family' pizza on the final evening.

...And finally...
some random pictures that we collected along the way

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