CfE Geography 2016-18

S2 Glaciation trip 28 Feb 2017

Orienteering S2  at Mugdock Country park   2016/17

S2 Cochno Farm Trip

S2 orienteering at Mugdock Country Park September 2015

Our annual trip to mugdock proved a success with pupils enjoying the challenge of the basic orienteering route. Well done to the winning team of boys!

Orienteering at Mugdock Country Park September 2014 CfE S2

River Gryffe Fieldwork Trip June 2014

Orienteering at Mugdock Country Park  September 2013

River Trips June 2013

Our second trip was another glorious day so we made sure there was plenty of suncream on the go.
There was slightly less falling-in but probably just as many wellies full of water at the end of the day!

Wednesday 5th June

The first of our S2 river trips this session was a great success with sunny weather, warm water(allegedly), tasty lunch and not too much car-sickness. Despite a downpour at the end of the day everyone had a great time and nobody minded too much about their wet feet, soggy socks, dripping trousers, soaked t-shirts, damp hair, drenched belongings...

Recent Trips!
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Some photos of our merry band of geographers...