Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Sicily Trip 2019

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Our next trip to the fabulous Italian island of Sicily is underway! The final date to pay your deposit is 30th August so make sure that you secure a place on the trip. See the Geography or Biology department staff for more details.

River Studies National 4/5

Our first visit of the new session to the River Gryffe in Renfrewshire had a whole new bunch of pupils filling their wellies with River water! It turns out that gathering river data in the sunshine (on Wednesday) is a lot nicer than doing the same data collection in the pouring rain (Thursday).
You can view more pictures using the link at the right hand side of this page.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Amazonia 2 The Return

Our final trip of the year to Amazonia was a fantastic day out. Pupils loved the free-flying birds and butterflies - except for the pupils who are scared of butterflies...man up princess!!
The handling session pushed a few pupils to the limits of bravery but many finally managed to get over their fear and will probably become Rain Forest explorers when they leave school. We're not sure what qualifications are needed for this job. Geography obviously! More pictures on the S1 link at the right hand side of this page.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Amazonia 2 - book your place NOW!

Our second visit to Amazonia is on Tuesday 25th April. Places are filling up fast so grab a place as soon as possible!

S1 Trip to Amazonia

Our first trip of the year to Amazonia at Strathclyde Country Park was very popular with pupils. We enjoyed an excellent guided tour and met loads of amazing 
rainforest creatures. After a lot of jumping about in the 'Interactive Zone' we headed for the handling session which was the highlight of the trip for many pupils. Our stars of the day were the pupils (and staff) who really fought their fear and managed to hold a tarantula or touch a snake. Well done to everyone!

See more Amazonia pictures by clicking on the 'S1 ' link at the right hand side of this page.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

S2 Mud'n'Cheese trip

Our S2 pupils had a sunny day out studying a fantastic range of glaciated landscapes in the local area. The day ended with a walk to the top of Duncryne Hill to take in the stunning view over Loch Lomond. We had to brave some very deep, slippy mud on the way and the pupils who had opted for wellies were very pleased with their choice of footwear! One comment overheard on the steep part of the hill had us in fits; 'The best case scenario here is that I break a leg'....eh what's the worst?
Our minibus banter was based around cheese and Madness (yes, we know they're a band from the 80's). The ultimate insults of 'you look like cheddar' and 'you smell like Parmesan' were the best of the day. We also found a 'dead thing' at Lake of Menteith which is always a hit with the pupils, except when it's on the end of a stick and they are being chased with it.
Don't forget there's a car/bus at least once an hour on this road!!

More pictures are available on the link to our CfE page at the right hand side of this page.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

S1 trip to Amazonia
This year we will run 2 visits to Amazonia at Strathclyde Country Park as part of our S1' Rainforest' unit of work.
Please hand in your payment to a member of the Geography department to secure your place. Places are limited on each trip so get a wiggle on!!
Your visit will include a guided tour around Amazonia, a handling session to get 'up close' with some rainforest creatures and a chance to play 'Amazonia Interactive'. There will also be some free time for you to chill out in the indoor amusements are at M&D's.

Friday, 13 January 2017

S1 Trip to Our Dynamic Earth December 2016

Our S1 pupils made the most of the annual visit to 'Our Dynamic Earth'. They enjoyed all the different sections of the exhibit before the 'dome show' and spending a small fortune in both the gift shop and cafe.
We also enjoyed stunning views of the castle and parts of the Old Town during the journey.
We didn't enjoy the roadworks at Eurocentral but that's the joy of the M8!