Wednesday, 28 September 2016

National 5 River Trips

Our National 5 pupils each spent a day out of school exploring different parts of the River Gryffe. This allowed pupils to work in teams using fieldwork techniques to collect river data. This information will be used to produce the N5 assignments which are an important part of the N5 exam. We were really lucky with the weather and with the exception of some soggy wellies only day 3 pupils seemed to want to be soaking wet all day. It turns out that the water in the River Gryffe is REALLY cold! What a bunch of crazies!!

Friday, 16 September 2016

S2 Orienteering at Mugdock Country Park

What started as a wet and horrible morning cleared to become a dry bright day. Pupils had a fantastic time using their new map reading skills to find their way round the basic orienteering course at Mugdock Country Park. Some groups really went for the prize and scorched round the course in record beating time. Others decided to go at a more leisurely pace and enjoy the route and scenery along the way. Well done to everyone who took part!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Sicily Excursion 2016

Our Sicily trip earlier this month has been voted 'trip of a lifetime' by pupils!
We had a full day exploring the very active Mount Etna volcano after riding in the cable car and tutoring our Italian guide in some useful Glasweigan phrases during the jeep ride.
We paddled and swam in the gobsmackingly beautiful Alcantara Gorge and had a chance to try the different (and very tasty) nut butters that are a speciality on the island.
Our toughest day was the boat trip and hike to the crater rim on Vulcano island in blistering temperatures. The view over the other Aeolian Islands was stunning but the smell was stinky!
Our hard work was rewarded with a chillout day at Etnaland water park - what a utterly brilliant time we had!!
We love Etnaland!

Alcantara Gorge

learning about the volcanic activity at Etna

"ooh the ground's hot......"

our local beach at Letojanni

Vulcano...we climbed to the top of that!

view over the Aeolian Islands

we can't even start to describe the stinky smell at the mudbaths on Vulcano

Last night and we went out for a 'family' meal

    the source of the eggy smell