Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Nat 5/6 Urban 'Road Trip'

National 5&6 pupils set off on a 'straight line' trip from the edge to the centre of Glasgow. On the way they noted environmental changes, changes in land use, building style and age. A fine selection field sketches were produced while standing on a walkway over the Expressway (while passing drivers hooted their horns). Finally the city centre was in sight and thoughts turned to lunch. A quick survey upon pupil's return to the meeting point revealed that they had indulged in a varied range of fast food options and full points were awarded to the boys who were actually paid to eat a free lunch - well done! A bit of 'unofficial' shopping may also have been squeezed into the time.
The final destination was around the redeveloped Gorbals area of the city which everyone agreed now appreared to be a very desirable area and not what had been expected.
More pictures can be seen on the National 4/5/6 link at the right hand side of this page.

S2 Orienteering at Mugdock Country Park

Our first trip of the new session saw S2 heading to Mugdock Country Park to experiment with their new-found map reading skills. After an introduction to the park from one of the Mugdock rangers the pupils headed off at timed intervals around the 'basic' orienteering course. Despite a few detours on the way (did you LOOK at the map?) everyone returned in good time for an early lunch. Pupils then chose a small part to attempt from the larger and more demanding main orienteering course.
Well done to everyone who took part.
More pictures can be viewed by clicking on the CfE S2 link at the right hand side of this page.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Welcome back to the 2014/15 Session at Clydebankgeography

A big 'welcome back' to all our Geography pupils at CHS and an extra big 'Welcome' to our new S1 pupils! We're sure that you will have a great time with us this year and we have a fine selection of trips lined up for each year group...starting with S2 in September.
This year Clydebankgeography headed to the glorious beaches on the Yorkshire coast to create the 'welcome' sandcastle. The 1-D design was chosen mainly because it was just too darned hot to create anything else! Clydebankgeography also enjoyed accidentally being part of a beach survey done by  a 'swarm' of geography students from another geography department, but had to resist the urge to join-in because it was the holidays. Clydebankgeography likes the collective term 'swarm' to describe geographers busy at their fieldwork and may use it in further reports this session...

Monday, 23 June 2014

(Stop) messing about on the River!!

Our final excursion of the term saw S2 pupils testing out their river fieldwork skills at 3 points along the River Gryffe. For the first time ever the lower course was slow and shallow enough for us to get right across the channel and complete the sets of measurements that we needed.
The weather was so warm that nobody complained about getting wet, some made a point of getting as wet as possible! As usual on this trip we had a fantastic lunch at the 'Pullman' in Kilmacolm before completing our studies and emptying our wellies for a final time.
Check out all the other pics by clicking on the S2 CfE link at the right hand side of this page.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Amazonia hot hot!

Our final trip to Amazonia for S1 this session gave us a true taste of the Amazon as temperatures reached almost 30c combined with high humidity. The pupils all agreed that living in the Amazon rainforest would a challenge. We met all our favourite creatures and gave the snakes and tarantulas a big hug, a high five or just ran away from them to hide in a corner. Well done being brave S1!
Check out the other pictures by clicking on the S1 link at the side of this page.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Amazonia Part 1

Our first trip of the year to Amazonia at Strathclyde Country Park was the highlight at the end of our S1 Amazon topic. 50 excited pupils were given a guided tour of the creatures in Amazonia before being able to hug Eva the python, cuddle Dave the tarantula and try not to squish the life out of Chubby the tree frog.
You can see more pictures from the day on our S1 page.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Kindrogan Field Trip 2014

Our annual trip to Kindrogan saw a change to some of our usual activities but allowed all the pupils to work on collecting and processing data for their Added Value Units.
We saw a variety of weather (including snow), some fallings-in, waterlogged wellies and 20 packets of biscuits scoffed in a record beating time!
See all the pictures on our S4 page link.